Tuesday, 6 March 2007



As a new poster to the Saturn Junkyard I would like to extend my thanks to FK for his gracious welcome. I hope to add some interesting content to this blog and hopefully provide some helpful info for those interested in the retro systems left behind in the console wars.

I got my Saturn at a flea market type sale in Buffalo NY. It came with 3 analog controllers and 15 games. I paid 20 bucks for the whole shebang. Damn good deal. I have been picking up games for it here and there for awhile and collected quite a few of the weirder games and less known stuff but nothing that is worth a great deal of money or is rare.

As an introduction here is some general info about my Saturn preferences and what games I would like to find...

What controller?

Well there is some variety in the controllers you can use. I have two main ones at the moment.

The regular model.

The fancy analog model. (Ever notice it looks like the dimwitted cousin of the Dreamcast controller?)

I have both and I have to say that I do not like the analog controller. Maybe it's good for games like NiGHTS and such but I really think the analog control is off a bit. For most of the games I play on the Saturn I would go with the regular controller. However the analog controller does make a good replacement for a light gun if you want to play a shooter and currently are not "packing".

The Game I would love to have:

Panzer Dragoon 2...I actually have a copy of this game but it crashes after the intro video. Hold it up to a light and you see that the top layer has been scratched. *Dammit* This is actually one of the things that shows that I am an honest person. Rather than try to sell it to some poor unsuspecting person I kept the disk. I might try yet again tonight to make this game work. However, as some of you know, a disk scratch from the top means TOTAL DEATH for a CD.

The Game I am ashamed I would play:

Hexen, Yeah I played through this game once on my 386 and I would love the chance for another shot. It's a fun game to play IMHO. If you love Doom try this out.

The Game I would love to have but I will never be able to afford:

Shining Force 3. The name says it all. I have played all the Shining force games except this one...
$100+ American is what this will run you most places. Hopefully one day I will run into a copy somewhere.

Random Links:

Here is a weird link that I found for a Sega Saturn FanMag.


Sadly it seems to be a dead site now.

They had some decent articles. A few of them of them are still up.


I have no idea if the site is dead or not so enjoy while you can.

That's about all for now. Stay tuned for some reviews and other cool stuff.


fatherkrishna said...

You see? I told you great things were afoot! So now you know!

A very warm welcome to my co-host Caleb! Already a much needed lease of life has been injected into the Saturn Junkyard, with great links and two games I had never even heard of!

What's killing me right now is I'm almost sure I had a copy of Panzer Dragoon II!

Whilst I have a few of the old analog controllers (and even some that predate the one in the picture) I don't have the 'turbo beast' - and yes! You can definitely see where Sega were going with the style and shape of the controller as they headed toward the Dreamcast! great first post Caleb! Here's too many more!!!

gnome said...

Welcome Caleb!

And a mighty fine first post it was. The 20$ bit was quite shocking though...

Cheers guys!

fatherkrishna said...

Au revoir, dear Gnome...

Anonymous said...

Always good to see a fellow Saturn fan, even if he's a little late to the scene.

I don't think Sega would care all that much if you found ... alternative .... ways of sourcing their games. Remember that they make the same amount of money (zilch) whether you pay a scalper on eBay or download the ISO.

Racketboy has modchips. http://www.racketboy.com/

Underground Gamer has software.

As does the PleasureDome.

and you have lots of time to play.

gnome said...

Hoorah! It's downloading time! Oh, wait, gotta get a Saturn first...

mikey4u1984 said...

lol I know same here, I visit this site and I dont even have a Saturn.

fatherkrishna said...

And we love you for it! BTW You dont have to have a Saturn to enjoy Saturn games... Check out the archives... There are Saturn emulators you can run on your PC!

Plus there is always Sega Superstars Eye Toy for PS2 which has some lovely saturn games that you can actually see yourself playing in (review coming soon...)

Failing that you can experience the wonderful Virtua Cop via the Sega Smash Pack on the Dreamcast!

The Elderly said...

...now that secret you kept well hidden.. congratulations on the new appointment.... €100 plus for a game is mad......

gnome said...

Emulators, well yes, bt still the consle brings a whole new level of physical satisfaction to retro gaming...