Friday, 27 July 2007

A Fabulous Saturn Resource

Just a quickie post here folks! Having browsed the Internet for cool Saturn stuff, I came across the rather wonderful Gamespot Gamefaqs... There are FAQs, reviews, cheats, forums and message boards, walkthroughs and a whole host of other great stuff, that makes you feel like the Saturn was still a current gen console.

For example. I found about eight player reviews of Resident Evil, posts on the greatest Saturn games of all times (look here), a list of every Saturn game ever made and even a Hardware FAQ written in Portugese for my good friend and team mate Nebachadnezzar!

So it seems along with the wonderful Racket Boy and Wikipedia, we at the SJY now have another fabulous Saturn reference point and resource! Praise be to Segata!!


The Elderly said...

(having heard the chant.. elderly runs in......)

pant! pant!

Segatta Sanshiro
Segatta Sanshiro

(realising he is stark naked and dripping water onto FK's floor.. elderly blushs....)

erm.. am...excuse me...!

(heads back to shower....)

fatherkrishna said...

Elderly! For an old man you're quite buff!

*FK stares at the Ned Flanders style toned ancient gamer...*

God where did I go wrong?

NebachadnezzaR said...

As I said in my mail, thanks for remembering me :)

I just hope you don't remember when you're searching the webs for teh pr0n, though *shivers* :(