Thursday, 19 July 2007

Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sega Saturn)

Its a lazy bloggers trick, (posting videos off Youtube), but occasionally it does yield up a treasure or two. Take a look at this rather stunning slice of 'Panzer Dragoon' from the Panzer Dragoon Saga. If ever proof were needed of the graphic capabilities of the Saturn, then this is it!

OK, admittedly large quantities of this clip are 'cut scenes' but, WOW! The forerunner of the classic Dreamcast title 'Rez', Panzer Dragoon was an almighty, (nay epic) title, that transported the player into an alternate universe of spaced out dragon riding.

I still have this Saturn classic in my collection, and this video has inspired me to give it a serious play this weekend. I was a raver when I had this game and I used to put it on the TV when I came home after a hard hight's clubbing. Not to play it mind you, just to gawk at its graphic spleandour and trip out to its surreal visuals. One of the first titles for the Saturn that I really got into, my memories of the game are golden! The PD Saga is now a very pricey collectable. Panzer Dragoon itself still fetches a tenner, (£10), at Gamestation and it's price denotes it's quality!

One frustrating element to this story, is that I'm sure, (absolutely sure) that I had the follow up title (Panzer Dragoon Zwei) at one point. But one thing is for certain, I don't have it now! Like the playable demo of Christmas NiGHTS that I once owned, its now lost within the junky recesses of my house!

Still, at least this video has ignited the spark of interest, that will become a burning inferno of obsession when I pop this hallowed title into my Saturn this weekend!



gnome said...

You were a raver?

Tsk, tsk. Bad boy. Nice game.

NebachadnezzaR said...

I too lost my precious Christmas NiGTS... :'(

At least I'm glad all my other games survived my childhood.

As for Panzer Dragoon, I own both 1 and 2 but Saga is the one I'll definitely never own, at least a legit version of it (but I'll have to play that game one day, one way or another).

fatherkrishna said...

Yeah I need to get into (and if possible complete) number 1! if that goes OK I can think about re-investing in 2!