Sunday, 29 July 2007

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Sega World Wide Soccer '98

You may remember in the early days of this hallowed blog, me getting all excited about finding a Saturn game at Gamestation for the paltry price of 20p (then again you may not.) If that's the case, then let me take you back in time! You can see it by clicking here...

Of course that particular title was the 1997 incarnation of the game... And a rather fantastic game it is too... But what I hadn't realised (or remembered) until today was that I also own the 1998 follow up release!

Whilst browsing Youtube, I came across the 'intro' footage to the game and the memories came flooding back! Up until I got my Saturn, the most cutting edge console I ever owned was the Megadrive. I cannot describe to you how incredible the above footage looked back then!

I would never, ever skip the intros to games back then I'd just gaze in awe at the graphics and 'rock out' to the crappy music!

When looking at the comments on Youtube, this very footage brought back very positive memories for those who had played it. But obviously, those people at some time obviously gave up on their Saturn, or got rid of it. I can't imagine life without my Saturn... When a new console comes out, why do people bin their old ones? If they break down, why do they not fix or replace them?

The Saturn I own at the moment is at least my fourth. It's like a trusted old friend, a faithful border collie or a long cherished family member. I love the way the Saturn logo comes from its fractured and splintered pieces into its steely and buff wholeness.

But what of the game? Like its younger brother SWWS 97, SWWS 98 is a simply stunning game.
Best played after a couple of beers with a trusted friend, the gameplay is absolutely sublime.
games that end in a draw go to extra time, and then to penalties. This is where the most fun comes from. There's nothing like clutching your Saturn controller close to your chest (like a closely guarded poker hand) so that you can ensure your opponent doesn't see the direction of your shot!

The goal celebrations (and their subsequent ridiculously funny animations) rub your opponents nose in your glory! its a great 'pick up and play' title and the controls are pretty easy to work out... One downside to the whole thing is that my sons (Pro Evo whores) won't play me at it as they think its just ridiculously out dated... The swines!

For a proper review of the game look here and here, to buy it look here, to download it for your PC look here and for its Wikipedia page look here!


NebachadnezzaR said...

There are more Pro Evo whores out there, Father...

One time I tried to convince my friends to play Sensible Soccer (the ps2 one) and they all said it was crap...Those bitches! It's one of the best football game I've ever played!

Anyway, I think I've once played a demo of SWWS, but I'm not sure. Isn't that the game were they wrote "Portugul" instead of Portugal?

fatherkrishna said...

I'm not sure about the 'Portugul' thing... How dare they?!!! I'll have to check it out!

Here's to the day when we can sit down with a couple of beers and play a little tournament together! :)

NebachadnezzaR said...

I'm pretty sure of the "Portugul" thing, I'm gonna search through my demo discs for it.

I wait for that day, Father, I wait for that day... :)

NebachadnezzaR said...

I've found it! It's in my demo of SWWS '97.

Here's photographic evidence:

fatherkrishna said...

The swines! How dare they insult the mighty PortugAl!

You and me Nebacha! We're flying to Japan tomorrow as a two man assault team! We're gonna kick down the doors of the Sega offices dressed in full Segata outfits (and wigs) and demand an apology! Elderly? Are you with us??????

NebachadnezzaR said...

Like in "Army of Two"? Count me in! :)

The first time I saw that I though: "WTF? They got to be kidding!"

But then I though: "Well, what the heck, at least the flag is right..."

elend said...

Oh yay, Street Racer. I am still after this one, since it actually looks gorgeous on the Sega Saturn?! I remember playing the Amiga version and somehow I thought the Saturn version sucks, too.

And speaking of racing game. I can only recommend Togue King The Spirits. Imho the best racer on the Saturn.