Monday, 30 July 2007

Videogame Cats for the win!

Ok, I know this is the THIRD post today on the Saturn Junkyard, but I just had to post this! As you may know I'm a huge fan of the web-comic VG Cats and today I searched through it's archives looking for Saturn/SEGA related stuff. Unfortunately there wasn't much, but anyway, here goes what I've found:


Resident Evil

More Resident Evil

Panzer Dragoon

Dinner with the Dreamcast (more suited to the Dreamcast Junkyard, but since I'm not a member)

By the way, in a totally unrelated matter, today I realised something: is Bomberman a terrorist?

I mean, just think about it, he passes his time wasting others with bombs! And if you're not careful you can even die with your own bombs! Isn't that the definition of a suicide bomber?

Wait, forgot my pills...


fatherkrishna said...

Very funny stuff!! I particularly liked Dinner With The Dreamcast!

And yeah! You can be certain that there wasn't going to be a Bomberman title in 2001, that's for sure...

Hey! Can you send me some of those pills? :)

Caleb said...

VG cats is one of the best webcomics out there.