Saturday, 15 September 2007

Corpse Killer - Graveyard Edition

Wow, long time no posting! At least when it comes to Saturn games, and not PS2 sequels, arcade emulators or NiGHTS trailers. Anyway, today I've played on my Saturn for the first time in, I don't know, a month or something. The game? Well, the title of this post should be clue enough.

I've been curious about this game for a long time. After all, I completely missed the 90's wave of FMV games, and this one seemed decent at least. But I still needed some more incentive to actually go ahead and play it. Well, that motivation came in the form of this Videogame Vault.

So, now that I've finally played it, what do I have to say? Well, the game actually has a good start. You control some kind of soldier/commando (I really didn't pay much attention to the story) who lands on a tropical island. The action starts right away, as your character's parachute gets stuck in a tree, and while you're hanging in there a fucking zombie comes out of a bush to eat you alive!

Fortunately Rastaman appears, and strikes the zombie with a big-ass knife! Cool! Anyway, as you probably guessed, the game is made of 10 min videos intercalated with a 1 minute shooting sequence, but this is not as bad as it may seen. The movie clips are actually pretty good, with decent acting and an overall production value superior to some b-movies. Of course it still has it's WTF moments, like when the "evil doctor" electrocutes an Action-Man, but it's generally entertaining.

The playing sequences are not that bad, either, but they're also not great. Basically there are zombies coming out of nowhere that you have to shoot, using either regular or special bullets. The problem is, this is a light-gun shooter, and there is not light-gun support. Yup, you have to play with the Saturn pad, which is not that bad since the zombies usually appear in the same horizontal plan, and you just have to move left or right, with little up and down required. Anyway, for faster zombies this is a pain, and if at the beginning you can pass a section with little to no damage, later on you'll been completely owned by the zombie horde.

Also, here comes another problem, there's no decent save system. It's somewhat hidden and it's not really practical, so you're better off just trying to beat the 2 game discs in one sitting. There's also no continues, so once you die it's really game over.

So, overall, this is a somewhat fun game. It's short, hard and definitely not the best game on the Saturn, but if you like this kind of games and if you're expectations are not too high, this should be an entertaining experience. And by the way, I think the game was only released in the US.


fatherkrishna said...

Sounds right up my street! I will peobably hunt this sucker down. Now that I've read this review I have to own it! Nice job Nebacha!

Caleb said...

Wow...I had not idea that they released this crap on the Saturn.

FC I have this game for the Sega CD. Please believe me that this is not worth the pain.

I dunno, it might be a rare game but I doubt it.

Foo-PAH! ZOmbies! Foo-Pah!!!