Tuesday, 30 October 2007

What model controller do YOU enjoy?

I was recently considering the different controllers I have for the Saturn the other day. I am trying to decide which one I would like to claim as my own for the Saturn Multiplayer Tourney I am setting up. (I will post the video here).

I have the three main types. I figure the 3d models I have look cool but the analog stick would be useless for most multiplayer and fighting games.

So that leave the two common controllers...

Version 1:

Big fat and *supposedly* has the most rugged and most sensitive cross controller of all 5th and lower generation controllers. Some even say that that the cross D-Pad on this controller even rivals new gen (leading some people to mod them for use on the X-box 360).

I know when I play a fighting game like Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the Saturn and PS1, there is no comparison. This controller KICKS THE DUAL SHOCK'S ASS.

But then take a gander at the Version 2 controller.

This is much slimmer and is the same style of controller that many gamers use with fighting games. It doesn't seem as durable as the Version 1 though.

There might be an advantage for those of you who like a slimmer controller.

If push comes to shove I would almost rather take the model 2 since it's similar to the thinner Genesis and Master System controllers I use a lot. However, one can't discount the version 1's directional pad. I would be happy with either one.

What's your opinion?

Also, take a look at this!

This must be one of the ugliest control pads ever made. It looks like a futuristic bicycle, or something like it at least. But it's rather common finding next to an old Saturn. It must have been very cheap when it was sold. It's not comfortable in any second but it works alright. A big amount of fire indicators lights up when you hit the different buttons."


I have NEVER seen this monstrosity before. I would definitely buy it if I did though. I don't know how well it would work, but it's definitely a video gamers version of a conversation piece.


fatherkrishna said...

For me it's got to be version 2. I only got version 1 after getting a free one sent to me (boxed up and 'brand new') by the good folks at Sega UK (they also sent me some cables and all for free!!!)

I thought the version 1 was a later incarnation and it felt too big and clunky. I might get a 3D controller to play my recently acquired Christmas NiGHTS on...

Brilliant post as usual Caleb!

pagan said...

i would rather use the version 1 controller i like the triggers on it a lot more. also its more comfortable for me to use

fatherkrishna said...

I have a really bizarre looking controller that I'll post a picture of soon...

BTW Caleb, tell us more about this statement... "I am trying to decide which one I would like to claim as my own for the Saturn Multiplayer Tourney I am setting up."
I'm intrigued...

The GagaMan(n) said...

I've only ever had version 2 and NiGHTS controllers to go by, and I've always thought the d-pad on those were a tad too soft. I've never managed to come across a version 1 pad, even when I picked up a Version 1 Saturn at a bootsale once it had Ver.2 pads =/

boxmyth said...

I had totally forgotten about the 3D Nights pad. God, that thing was awesome. Call me crazy, but the original Xbox pad seems like a lovechild of the Japanese Saturn pad (version 2 above) and the 3D Nights pad. That is, except for the directional pad. I really liked the direction pad from the version 2 Saturn pad, as well as the 3D Nights pad, but damn it, the Xbox 180 and 360 directional pads suck badminton. I press down and it goes right. I press up and it might go left, maybe right. I press any direction and it might not even respond! Microsoft should just friggin' license the D-pad from Nintendo. Best D-pad evar!

Anyway, I prefer version 2. It feels more solid to me than version 1 ever did.

fatherkrishna said...

You're right Boxmyth, versiob 2 is by far the superior pad!