Monday, 12 November 2007

Two Great New Saturn Sites!

You may have noticed in the cbox on the sidebar, a small and unassuming comment by the wonderful 'Mick' asking us to check out a new and rather wonderful site called This rather brilliant site is slick, professional, packed with Saturn goodness and makes the old SJY look a bit of an amateur operation :(

But still, it does have some great stuff on it and is well worth a look. Just promise you won't desert us when you see our sexier relation!

But what has really got me excited is the thought of playing Saturn on line. That's right! For years I thought the Dreamcast was the first online gaming system, but then what did I know?

Yep the old Saturn and even it's dad, the older Megadrive/Genesis could be played online.

And there's a whopping FIVE games with Saturn net play potential. One of them is my old favourite Sega Rally! Wanna know what the others are? You'll have to look here! What??? The picture gave it away? DOH!
Now I'm really excited about this... Although I know that my whole Dreamcast internet experience has been painful. I've only ever browsed the web, never played online... In fact I've never played anything online! Imagine if my Saturn was the first system I ever played in this capacity... I'm browsing eBay for a Saturn modem as we speak!!!


NebachadnezzaR said...

Can you still play online with the Saturn today? :/

Anyway, good luck with that, I think both the netlink adapter and the netlink versions of the games are really expensive.

Caleb said...

I remember playing Duke 3d on the computer with direct dial up support.

It was so cool!

It was a pain getting the line to work but when it did, it was cool.

I miss be able to use direct phone calls to play games. It seems like EVERY multiplayer game out there today requires a crapload of FEES to play.

If I ever see a Netlink I will buy it.