Sunday, 27 January 2008

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Got a copy of Sega Saturn BASIC? Probably not, but if you DID, you could play these demos, recently released on the Satakore web site. There are four hundred and seventy seven different programs for the lucky Saturn BASIC owner, ranging from fighting games with fuzzballs to a game that looks as though Mario (you know, that mascot who's not Sonic) stepped into a Dire Straights video.

We can't give you money for nothin', but you can have these demos for free! And even if you can't actually use them, be sure to check out all the images and videos on the site. You won't believe how many of them there are!

Special thanks to Insert Credit for breaking the news first!


elend said...

I wish people would code more on the Saturn. Every console has quite a big homebrewn community with great programs coming out from time to time. Only the Saturn is a bit neglected. Sprite rotating tests here, 3D engine tests here. It's a bit sad, because I think with the proper equipment (hardware, software and knowledge) some people could squeeze amazing things out of the Saturn.

Browsing that List of Game Basic programs I think that Neptune IV is the coolest one. Almost a real game with cool Stellar Assault like 3D graphics. I'd love to play / see it on real Hardware some day.,,Nept4,,Neptune-IV-VSC-S.-Moriyama.html

NebachadnezzaR said...

ArugulaZ, two posts in a row, you're on fire mate! :D

I'm with Elend on this one, it's a shame that there's such little interest on developing homebrew for the Saturn. It's like the total opposite of the Dreamcast.

nick944 said...

I would love to grab a copy of game basic for the saturn. Anyone know what region (probably japan) or the cost of it?

@elend it would definately be great for a bigger saturn homebrew community, but due to the special lockout ring homebrew is limited to modded Saturns.

elend said...

Yeah but modding a Saturn is very easy. Some chips don't even need to be soldered. I may support the Sega Saturn Coding Contest in the future. Maybe with money or Artworks or something. Dunno yet.

fatherkrishna said...

A brilliant post Arugulaz! We posted some screenshots of Virtua Mario sometime ago... But I'd never seen video of it until today (I'm gonna post it above...)

I love homebrew, it thrills me to see new games coming out on supposedly 'dead' consoles. But I don't claim to understand it!

The only Dreamcast homebrew I've got is stuff Caleb kindly sent to me... I'd love to get my hands on some Saturn homebrew but, alas I don't think my Saturn is chipped...