Monday, 25 February 2008

The Hideous Death Crimson... Thing!

When you are in love with a console, like we are with the Saturn, you tend to see some things trough rose-coloured glasses. It's inevitable and makes out of the big graphical glitch, that is the Burning Rangers engine, something like "great graphics!". Yet everyone agrees, that the infamous Death Crimson lightgun shooter is one of the most horrible games produced for our beloved system.

Maybe it's some sick fetish, some kind of self experiment or he really really loved that game. Whatever it was, artist Takamasa Sumi created this monstrosity of an art installation. It's a giant "controller" sort of thing, with which you can play Death Crimson on a tiny TV. It was already shown in museums and art shows around Japan and even made it to the UK (Darwen, Lancashire). Have a look at some great pictures of it right here.

(Check this very colourful, custom painted Saturn in all its glory!)

The most cruel thing of it isn't the look of it or the frightening injuries you could receive whilst trying to play with it, but maybe the fact, that the Saturn's CD lid was glued shut. So you can only play Death Crimson with it. Death Crimson or nothing. Pestilence or Cholera.

See the official homepage of it here.


warhampster said...

lol, thats pretty epic for such a crappy game.

fatherkrishna said...

Hideous? I think it's rather beautiful really! Is the game THAT bad dear elend? I've never seen it (although I do have Death Crimson OX for Dreamcast which I rather like...)

I'm going to have to search for some screenshots or video now...

Yet again, another stellar post!!!

elend said...

Yeah, you've got to check that game out. Browse Youtube for some Videos. It's really... incredibly bad. I heard many things before I bought it and I was like: "Well, they also say Crypt Killer is bad, but I like it somehow..." But Death Crimson is even worse then some amateur basic programs.

And btw: I had to fucking pay 70 EUR for it!