Monday, 11 February 2008

Inspiration For Shun Di (VF2)

In a recently somewhat overlooked post, I expressed my disappointment with not finding the character Shun in Virtua Fighter Remix. Of course I didn't! As I came to (re)discover, Shun wasn't a playable charater till VF2, and VF Remix was a direct remake of the first incarnation, VF1.

Having done a little research on Shun's character, it seems he was a tribute to the character "Su Hai" played by martial artist Yuen Siu Tien. The videos below show perfectly the fighting style of Shun, (as demonstrated by a very young Jackie Chan) and also the "The Drunken Master" himself, in a most excellent comedic fight scene, which so brilliantly exemplifies my favourite genre of films.

So something of a tenuous Saturn Link, but I'm more than prepared to make it. Enjoy!

Plus, as a supplement, I'll throw in two clips of the legendary TV show "GamesMaster" featuring jovial Scottish host, Dominik Diamond. (I met him once when he opened a Virgin Gamestore in Stockport. As part of the opening me and Mrs.K (dressed as a frog and giant teddy bear were employed to hand out fliers...) We ended up getting pimmeled and poked by annoying white trash scallywags, but that's another story... Mr. Diamond now has a weekly page in the Daily Star newspaper. The oddly shaped headed guy with the monacle, (Gamesmaster) is actually respected astronomer Patrick Moore who has presented (and continues to present) the same TV show "The Sky At Night" for over 50 years on the BBC.

GamesMaster magazine is still sold in newsagents all over the UK.

GamesMaster VF2 Special Part 1

GamesMaster VF2 Special Part2


elend said...

Ah nice post, Father. Nice to see something going on here. I can only recommend the Drunken Master movies, especially part 2. Nothing beat that movie, yet.

Nice Virtua Fighter 2 special, too! Amazing how the guys fight. I am way too slow for something like that. ;(

Anonymous said...

Man, I was under the impression that the Saturn Junkyard would be manned by people who actually know something about the Saturn.

You expected to find Shun Di in VF Remix?

You didn't know VF Remix was a 'remix' (there's gotta be a clue in that name right?) of the original VF?

Geez. What's next?

LATEST NEWS JUST IN: Saturn was actually a Sega console!!


fatherkrishna said...

Well, well, well... Mr. Anonymous... Thank you for gracing us here at the Saturn Junkyard, with your superior knowledge, razor sharp wit and scathing sarcasm. Shame you didn't have the balls to put your name behind your comments.

Here at the Junkyard, we don't claim to be experts or even anything close. As posted in the original article that you so kindly also responded to, a simple mistake was made on my part... One that I acknowledged in the post... I'd bought VF2 first (way back in the mid nineties some 13 years ago), picking up and just as quickly discarding, it's inferior predecessor.

Therefore, the game I was familiar with was VF2, and my memory (incorrect as I admitted) had led me to think Shun had been in there feom the start. How very terrible of me.

Now to the meat of the matter... What a tragic and pathetic little fucker you are... Spending your time, pouring scorn on a site YOU TOOK TIME OUT OF YOUR SHITTY LITTLE LIFE TO VISIT!!!

Ha, ha, ha! What a sad little prick you have proven yourself to be. You don't even have the front to attach your name to your comment. I could very easily take your comments off the site, but I'm more than happy to leave them there, to illustrate the kind of tragic cock that we occasionally have to suffer on these pages.

If you don't like the site, it's posts or it's posters then please be our guest and go and FUCK OFF!

I'm sure that you will enjoy your tired little geeky life, exploring other sites where you can prove how daring and confrontational you can be... It'll give you a break from wanking off about how 'amazing' and funny you are...

"LATEST NEWS JUST IN: Saturn was actually a Sega console!!"

Fucking priceless that...

Oh, and if you are going to comment on here again, grow yourself some bollocks and actually sign your name, you sad cunt! LMAO!!! :)

elend said...

Mr. anonymous may also try to provide content to the Junkyard. Always free of errors of course!

Anonymous said...

Does your mother know you use such foul language?

Once again you demonstrate your complete lack of professionalism. I don't think any real bloggers have anything to fear from you, do they?

As well as making yourself look like a saft cunt, your lack of intelligence has also brought you to the laughable conclusion that because I can't be arsed to sign up to some bullshit blogger account that I am somehow afraid to give my name. This is far from reality - I simply have better things to do than to sign up to some useless account and sit around waiting for some confirmation email so that I can tell you what I can just as easily tell you by ticking an Anonymous radio button.

If giving you my name - Richard McGuire - makes you feel any better about being a moron then be my guest, feel better - you're still a moron.

Please do leave these posts on here so that everyone can see how brainless you are, and how you resort to using words that others of your sort always resort to when they are shown to be pig-shit stupid. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi elend - I've considered doing that as I do have a number of pretty rare gaming items that may be of interest to the community.

I have also enjoyed a number of your articles and videos.

With morons like this guy posting articles about how VF2 characters being absent from VF1 confused him though, and then resorting to such filthy language once questioned, it makes taking the time and effort to dig out CDs, make ISOs, take photos, make videos etc. all a bit bothersome as surely an article about how one remembers receiving his first ASBO would be more appropriate?

fatherkrishna said...

Thanks Dick! You've really brightened up my evening! Again, may I remind you that you are now devoting more of your free time to pouring out more hate on a site which you evidently don't rate...

Hmmm? Let me process this... You think we're shit... But you're still here? And you say "I simply have better things to do..." hmmm? Like what? Come back here and boost our hit counter again?

Keep your comments coming Dick... You can stay here as long as you like! :)

Anonymous said...

Well it certainly looks like your mother has put the brakes on your language doesn't it?

And again, I'm not quite sure why it bothers you so much that I may actually be able to do more than one thing at once - jealousy I guess - but I'm actually working right now, and posting back to your thick-as-shit self every now and again for light amusement as my work is quite intense.

Please don't ask what it is, as I believe the English language does not allow for such things to be explained to morons, and the diagram functionality of this forum leaves much to be desired.

fatherkrishna said...

Hi Dick!

"I'm not quite sure why it bothers you so much that I may actually be able to do more than one thing at once - jealousy I guess..."

Oh you got that SO right! I'm really jealous of you... That's it! Your insight is frightening!!!

Oh and as for me curbing my language, well no I still think you're a total COCK!

"Hi elend - I've considered doing that as I do have a number of pretty rare gaming items that may be of interest to the community..."


But also "I can't be arsed to sign up to some bullshit blogger account"

Wouldn't that make your intended contribution a little dificult?

Oh BTW Dick, this is my place! I built it and host the site...

A site which has over 40,000 hits, a team of international writers and contributors...

Most of the people who come enjoy the site... Your's was the first comment I can remember in a long time that didn't get the casual nature of the posts...

Or would be so scathing of a simple mistake... Lighten up Dick, I'm sorry you're in work, don't worry you'll soon be back to your imaginary "high maintenance wife"...

Anonymous said...

> Wouldn't that make your intended contribution a little dificult?

Could that be why I haven't posted, moron?

> A site which has over 40,000 hits...

Then 40,000 people are going to see what an absolute tosser you are. And one that knows fuck-all about this site's name-sake too. How ironic.

> I'm sorry you're in work

If you knew how much I'm earning for this, I don't think you'd be so sorry.

> back to your imaginary "high maintenance wife"...

There's nothing imaginary about her, though I assume that a fellow hoody would be insulted by such a nonsensical comment? If such a piss-poor attempt didn't already do a much better job at showing the world how much of a cock you are, I'd compose a retort. As such, there really isn't any need for me to do so.

To the 30% of that 40,000 that aren't made up of Google, Yahoo and MSN bots, there are plenty of other Saturn fansites and forums that aren't headed by the biggest wanker that walked the earth.

Judging by the pitiful number of posts in the comments sections of most of your "posts" though, I think most people have already moved on - no doubt also spurred by your incredible stupidity.

fatherkrishna said...

Hi Dick! Glad you could make it! So nice to see you back so soon!

Apart from your hang ups about feeling the need to flag up your superior intelligence, a point you continue to make, you've obviously got some pretty big assumptions about me being a "hoody" and receiving an "ASBO"...

Dear oh dear Dick! Have I offended your Daily Mail sensibilities? And then the need to brag about your earning potential? I'm thinking I'm picking up on a little snobbery here...

And strange that you felt the need to draw attention to my use of "fithy language" and yet feel compelled to utilise expletives throughout your replies!? Does that make sense?

And yes! There are many more Saturn fansites out there and I hope you'll enjoy populating them from now on, rather than ranting over here... Your negativity and bile might be appreciated there.

As for this comment...

"Could that be why I haven't posted, moron?"
Oh but you have Dickie, rather a lot this evening!

You state that you have admiration for elend's work, why wasn't your first comment a positive appreciation of what he had done?

Why take the time to have a pop at someone who fully admitted that they had made a mistake, and was laughing along at themselves for it?

I guess you're infallible (your not a pontiff are you?)

Anyway Dick, it's been a blast! I love a little internet ruck every once in a while! But all of this negativity is not in keeping with the usual nature of the site...

You seem to have a lot of fight in there... Why not pop over to some of those racist or homophobic blogs out there and use your argumentative powers to put down genuine hatemongers, rather than getting all fired up over innacuracies from a post about videogames? Your talents are wasted!

I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear of you though! ;)

elend said...

I am - of course - with FatherKrishna on this one. Instead of mocking mistakes, which already have been pointed out by the author himself, you could also have commented positive things first.

When I first visited the Saturn Junkyard, I was able to post comments without having a account. A handle / username would have been enough to make us help remember you (in case you might have posted something positive before ;) You might have missed that.

fatherkrishna said...

Thanks for that elend! I was feeling a little isolated there! I'm not used to haters on the 'Yard... This is usually a very positive place...

It seemed that Dick had an axe to grind! And I'll concede that I was a little too quick to react...

The whole point of my original Shun post was intended to celebrate the character, but also to acknowledge my own stupid mistake...

I've no embarrassment about that (or i wouldn't have flagged it up!)
I don't in any way claim to be a Saturn expert, just a Saturn lover... (and isn't the 'Yard a haven of love rather than an anal fact site?)

Still, I could have responded more maturely and I regret that I resorted to insults...

Who knows? Big Dick could have been a new addition to the team if he'd stepped through the front door with more positivity!

Oh well... Now onto more important matters... When are you going to Japan??? :)

elend said...

In a mere 40 days!!! I can't fucking wait!!! I was planning to buy everything with "Sega Saturn" on it. Maybe 1 piece of Hardware (Skeleton Saturn maybe..), merchandise (I hope to find the Segata Sanshiro action figure!) and some cheap games.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Wow, I leave the yard for a couple of days and shit happens, what bad timing on my part... :/

Relax Father, I know these guys, I see them everyday in the PTGamers forum. I know their comments are so fucking stupid we can't resist but answer back, but trust me, there's nothing to gain with that. We're just fuelling their desperate need for attention. Forget about Mr. Dick, in no time he'll be gone...

By the way, dear Anonymous (yes, I know I'm doing the opposite of what I just said, but fuck it), the SJY is not made of Saturn experts not is it a professional site. We're just a group of fellow Saturn enthusiasts who like to write about it. If we're too amateur for your tastes, well, go to another place or start your own.

Elend, remember to take a shit-load of photos! I want to see Japan through the eyes of a fellow "Saturn Junkyard-er".
If you think we're too

elend said...

Oh yes, I am actually planning to do a lot of photos. Photography is my second hobby (next to the Saturn), so expect a vast amount of photos. I am buying like 10 new SD cards (á 2 GB) for that trip. Heh. Too bad the gameshops often prohibit photographing their stuff. ;(

NebachadnezzaR said...

Now that I've read my post again, there's a "If you think we're too" in the end that shouldn't be there, just ingore it.

Glad to hear that! Can't wait for the photos and your tales of the place were the Saturn was born. :D

Caleb said...

Wow. The internet is full of 'em I guess.

If you think you can do better than go make your own blog somewhere else man.

Picking apart a small mistake that someone already owned up to making? Yeah that's really impressive.

This isn't a blog that enforces one set of rules for posting.

Everyone that posts here likes the Sega Saturn and posts what they want.

You are confusing this blog with other sites that take themselves WAY too seriously.