Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sega Saturn In Manga

Bamboo Blade is a Manga written by Masahiro Totsuka and illustrated by japanese artist Aguri Igarashi. It tells the tales of a broke high school teacher and kendo instructor. One day he is offered a bet by his former upperclassman. He then tries to win this bet, since he hopes that his life is les miserable when doing so.

So, the Manga has not too much to do with the Sega Saturn, yet in Book 6 of it, you can spot a nice little, white Sega Saturn there. I don't know the context because I can't read japanese, but I bet it's a heart warming scene, where someone gets a Saturn as a present and is really happy. Who wouldn't?

Watching the fairly new anime might show the Saturn in a much more glorious fashion. I don't know. I hope there are fansubs available, so we can even make out what the guy is saying, once he sees his new Saturn.

See some more (very small) pictures of the manga right here.

Also with this post I am saying kind of "good bye" to you. No, not because I plan to stop blogging here, but because I am leaving soon to Japan. On March the 23rd to be exact. Until then I have shitloads of stuff to do and thus won't be able to post anything here. I guess, after I am back I'll flood this blog with countless of Sega Saturn related photographs, stories, merchandise, flyers, whatever. I am so looking forward to it!


fatherkrishna said...

Another fantastic piece of Saturn detective work dear elend!

And may I be the first to wish you a very safe and prosperous trip! I know you'll return laiden with Saturn goodies that we all will relish hearing about!

The 'Yard will be a poorer place until your return! Hurry back!!

fatherkrishna said...
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NebachadnezzaR said...

Always finding Saturns in the most unthinkable places, eh?

I whish you the best luck on your trip to Japan (or "Meca for Saturn lovers" as it's also known). May you travel fast, well, safe and bring lots of Saturn stuff back and stories to tell.

I'm with Father, this place will be poorer with your absence :(

But hey, don't worry about us, just go on and have fun ;)

Caleb said...

Good luck man.

IF you find any Saturn or Dreamcast stuff really really cheap buy them and I will pay for a copy.