Friday, 30 May 2008

Clash of the Titans - Round 2

Remember this? After that most awesome of matches (despite the horrible lag), a rematch was bound to happen sooner or later, and yesterday was the day. After a previous a agreement on the day and time (you know, because we're busy people, we're not online 24/7), there I was, logging into Xbox Live at about 2:00 in the afternoon. Father K was online, but when I saw that he was playing Halo 3 I figured that it should be one of the gingers. No problem, it gave me some time to train my moves. Father would come shortly after, and when he did we started playing right away. Guess what, the first round was mine! Hehe, guess that training really did the difference. We were still pretty balanced, though, and overall Father probably won a couple more matches than I did. He was a bit cheap at times, though... (sorry Father, but I had to say this, those successions of punches should be prohibited xD).

Anyway, this was not a matter of winning or losing, but a moment of leisure between two friends separated by lots of land and even ocean. There was absolutely no lag this time, so not only we could play without that handicap, but we were also able to have a proper conversation! It was like talking on the phone, really, but while playing at the same time, and it was great. Now that I think of it, we really talked a lot (it was my strategy to distract Father and kick his ass xD), from games, to the origins of our respective nicknames and pretty much everything we could think of while still throwing virtual kicks and punches.

Also, it was not just a thing between us, for we eventually dragged our families into it. My mum passed by to say "hello" and the littlest ginger, Ted, even played with me, although he was at a disadvantage for not being used to play as Kage. By the way, funny how we pronounce that name differently, Father says Kage as in "cage" while I pronounce it "Kágê", like the Japanese do (by the way, "kage" means "shadow", appropriate name for a ninja). It's just a curiosity, since we were able to understand each other just fine for most of the time, although I would sometimes get too excited and speak so fast that even I wouldn't understand what the fuck I just said, lol.

By the way, this time we saved a lot of replays to show you guys, but unfortunately my cell phone's camera couldn't keep up with the game's speed and this was the best I could get. Maybe Father will have more luck with his high-tech phone.

Also, when you think about it, technology really is amazing. 10 years ago we were playing VF1 and 2 alone in our homes, without having the slightest hint that the other one existed and that we would someday meet on the web and play VF5 together. Fucking amazing, isn't it?


Caleb said...

Match of the century!

When I finally get into current gen I will have to play you guys online...AND TOTALLY DESTROY YOU ALL!


I printed up some sweet little japanese CD covers for my games that don't have cases and I used a neat little program that will change the region encoding on any Saturn image. Deep Fear here I come!

fatherkrishna said...

"He was a bit cheap at times, though... (sorry Father, but I had to say this, those successions of punches should be prohibited xD)."

gasp!!! "a bit cheap"... OK I admit it, on all fighting games if I find a move that works, I just rinse and repeat!

It was truly excellent to battle again my dear friend and even if I did manage to get the upper hand once or twice, I certainly never got an 'excellent' attack as the video proves you did...

What you didn't mention was that we had both 'dressed up' for the occasion, presenting our fighters in new costumes!

The best part though was just having a chat whilst playing. I've never spoken to any of my blogging chums across the sea (although I've IM'd deitrix, regularly email Gnome, have exchangd gifts with Caleb etc..)

Just talking to Nebacha is so cool and as mentioned we'd never have known of each other 10 years ago, let alone be able to play and speak online.

I'll try to video one of my replays (with me winning of course...)

Until then Nebacha I salute you! And may I publicly state right here right now that I love all the members of the Saturn Junkyard team!!!