Saturday, 3 May 2008

Excellent Saturn Score.

I got a VERY nice lot of Sega Saturn games from Goodwill a little while back. Let me tell you a bit about each game I got.

The street fighter collection is GREAT. The version of SF Alpha 2 gold that comes with it is by FAR the best version I have tried out.

I am able to play the SF Zero 2 import via my Saturn Game Shark. It can play imports as long as you hold in the top row of XYZ buttons when you load the game up (Strange but true). The game was somewhat disappointing to me because it didn't differ much from the American version at all.

Super Puzzle fighter 2 is a game I have had on the GBA for a long time. This game is a great puzzler! Normally I don't care for Tetris style games but this game is AWESOME. Each move requires split second timing and thought.

I actually don't know much about Iron storm and the game came without a manual so I have no idea how to control the game. I know it's a RTS of some sort.

Darius is a great shooter. Meat and Potatoes. Excellent music I thought.

However, I was NOT able to play the Samurai Spirits collection because it requires the 4 M memory cart. The game itself is in excellent condition though and is a collectors item. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to get a cart to play this game.

Does anyone happen to know if you can use a Gameshark to boot an import game then switch it for a Memory Cart so you can run it?

In any case this was a great find and I urge everyone to check out their local goodwill stores, salvation army stores and other thrift shops that donate money to the less fortunate in some way. You never know what you can find.


elend said...

Ah, so that's the lot you were talking about in the Chatbox? How much did you pay for those now and how many did you buy? No cases / covers for some?

ArugulaZ said...

That's a SPECTACULAR find you've got there, man. I spent a lot more on Super Puzzle Fighter II back in the 1990s, when the game was originally released. The Saturn version (and for that matter, its Playstation counterpart) is a lot better than the Game Boy Advance release, and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it.

As for your memory card dilemma, I can't tell you for sure if that will work. What I DO know is that the cartridge port on the Sega Saturn is delicate and will wear out with frequent use. I'd highly recommend investing in one of these:

It's the famous four in one cartridge that allows you to do pretty much anything with the Saturn, short of playing the two games that require ROM cartridges (King of Fighters '95 and Ultraman). It's a cheat device, it's an import key, it's a flash drive, and it's a memory expansion cart. It slices, it dices, and it makes a great game system even better!

Caleb said...

Lets see...

I paid about $6 on average for all the games without cases.

I paid $25 or the Samurai spirits collection. But it's in mint condition complete. So I figured it was worth it.

All the disks were in really good condition which really surprised me.

I was really lucky to get the SF collection and Puzzle fighter.

fatherkrishna said...

Awww! Caleb! you just love rubbing salt into the 'I can't find a thrift store that sells shit!' wounds...

I have trawled the thrift stores around the Manchester area and they do not seem to stock any video game stuff except for maybe the odd defunct PC title... BAH!

However, I'm not bitter (lots). Congratulations on the haul!!1

NebachadnezzaR said...

Great find, hope you eventually get Samurai Spirits to run