Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Segata Sanshiro Cosplay

Usually I am not a fan of Cosplay. I just think it's wrong, when too chubby girls squeeze themselfes into costumes, which have been designed on paper by horny Manga artists from Japan. The costumes often feature daring cuts and designs, which accentuate the advantages of the often big breasted female stars of the Mangas. Something, which rarely looks good in the real world, especially when the girls trying to recreate that have none of the advantages of their comic counterparts. Even when guys try to look like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy or Guts from Sword Of The Berserk, it's often ridiculous, because the cheap plastic and fabrics of the costumes look very... cheap. Not to speak of the blades made out of wood or cardboard. It is, imho, not possible, to transform a cool looking Anime / Manga / Game costume into the real world. God does not want that.

This particular costume, though, is one of the very few exceptions. A judo suit is nothing a Manga artist came up with, but a real thing and that uber huge Sega Saturn is the bestest thing in the world anyway! The guy only forgot the elvis wig. Flickr User Delirious Fish photographed that guy on the Anime Central Convention, which was held very recently. Too bad I don't know the guy's name, because I'd love to ask him, if he won any prices with that costume. He's definitely a winner for me.


NebachadnezzaR said...

And here I was, expecting you to be the cosplayer, just to read that it's some anon Segata follower... xD Anyway, it's always great to see other devoted followers of this most esteemed cult!

elend said...

Some day, I'll get myself one of those huuuge Saturns and cosplay. Oh yes..

NebachadnezzaR said...

Don't forget your wig!

The GagaMan(n) said...

Obviously he looks nothing like the man himself (how could he? He's the wrong age, race and build, and wears glassies) but that massive Saturn is indeed awesome and this is the only Segata cosplay I have ever seen, so kudos to this guy.

fatherkrishna said...

What a guy!!!! We need to find him and make him a member of the cult!
He can enter at high priest level.
(Obviously after Segata himself - praise be his name - I'm the leader) but he gets in straight at the top!

Fabulous find elend! We need more Segata posts!!!!

elend said...

Oh well actually I saw another Segata Sanshiro Cosplay years ago. It was even a japanese guy. I gotta find those pics... hm.