Thursday, 26 June 2008

Street Fighter The Movie The Game. (Making of!)

Yeah so I know the folks over at felt this game was the worst Saturn Game ever...

But come on folks!

I bought it and it's probably the best $3 I spent. (In the top ten at least)

Go back and read my review where I discuss why the game is totally worth $4.00 (American)!

In any case take a look at some of these production shots. Just because...
Cammy Minogue

Also the original discussion about the game.

Come on people! The Saturn version was SO MUCH better than the arcade version. We can all agree on that.


elend said...

Whoa. Hot damn. Thanks for this post and the gorgeous shots of Kylie Minogue. Damn she's so hot. :O

fatherkrishna said...

Here Here Caleb!

Great post, great pics and thanks for the link to the original review by your good self!

Top marks sir... and the posts roll on! I'm getting this game!!!

NebachadnezzaR said...

Yeah, definitely not the worst Saturn game. Oh, and those pictures..too bad funnyman never comes here, I bet he would need a cold shower after that :D