Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Death Tank coming to XBLA


Simple 2D "Worms" style action without the wait time. It's not turn based. You just go into the game and start blasting other colorful quadrangles into oblivion.

I am not sure if it's gonna be Death Tank Death or Death Tank Zwei.

The original Death Tank was included with Powerslave. Death Tank Zwei required you to play both Quake and Duke Nukem to unlock, or you could just play through Duke Nukem and destroy every one of the toilets in game.

I literally played this game for about 2 minutes once when I was a teenager.

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elend said...

Oh, so it's not turn based? Now that's cool. I heard of Death Tank before and wondered what the fuzz is all about. I was wondering, since I played Scorched Tanks on my Amiga years before Death Tank. Nice to see that Lobotomy's effort gets a bit more attention, though!

NebachadnezzaR said...

Oddly enough I'm a pretty big fan of Powerslave (I just don't say I'm a huge fan because after beating it once I never had the patience to beat it again and get the good ending) and yet I never played Death Tank.

This is good news, I guess.

elend said...

Oh yeah, I did like Powerslave really really much. Quite a great and unique game which showed what the Saturn can truly manage, 3D wise. Oh well, Quake was great as well, graphically. Hehe.

DrDelirious said...

This is fantastic news! I've had quite a few late nights playing that with friends. It's one of the greatest games to have ever graced the Saturn.

DrDelirious said...

The name drdelirious isn't trying to say that I'm delirious about my comment (which I'm not), it's just a name.
Sorry, I need air...

Anonymous said...

all i have 2 say is b4 u die u MUST play dtz with 7 is quite simply the best multiplayer EVER made......words cannot describe it.i still play it 13 years later on the same saturn. all i care about is that the xbox version doesnt stuff it up so the world can exp gaming perfection. remember gameplay is everything. graphics are not