Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sega Saturn Posters

Remember when I told you in this post about how cool the Shopping Mall Japan is? With the Shopping Mall Japan I was able to bid on a bunch of very nice looking Sega Saturn posters, which will soon hang in my dedicated Sega Saturn room. Oh wait, my girlfriend will probably kill me, if I really use one room for Sega Saturn related stuff only. Anyways. I especially like the Willy Wombat poster, because it looks so heroic and cute at the same time. Also notice the quality of the posters. They are in perfect condition, just like nearly everything you buy from Japan. The Virtua Fighter 2 Poster was the cheapest for some odd reason, so I bought it twice and he even has a third one on Yahoo. Maybe I'll buy that as well, just to be sure...

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NebachadnezzaR said...

They're great! I'm usually not a fan of early CGI art because most of it looks really primitive (just look at the covers of some Saturn games), but these ones look really good.

The closest thing I have to that is a whole page with a House of the Dead advertisement I ripped off some magazine and put in my bedroom's wall :D

By the way, love the idea of a dedicated Saturn room, although you're probably right about your girlfriend xD