Thursday, 20 November 2008

Fighting Force Alpha Cover

So, regarding that Fighting Force for the Saturn; I have yet to play it (Shame on me!), but at least I finally find some time to post the cover artwork I made for it here. It is based on the japanese Fighting Force version for the Playstation and looks much better, than the PAL artworks, imho. Yet, I will also try to do a PAL style one, since I guess everyone is much more familiar with this one and some probably even like it. Download the fullsize (300 Dpi) JPGs right here.

P.S.: When you print it out, it's actually 1 mm bigger, than a real cover insert. So you have some kind of buffer, for cutting. Try to cut approx. 1 mm off of it, so that it'll fit the jewel case.


NebachadnezzaR said...

Nice! But the pal artwork is not bad either, IMO.

I'm also yet to try the game, been too busy lately with university stuff, but I already have it on my pc, just need to burn it and try it out.

elend said...

Hehe Neba, same here. Still have to burn it, but haven't found time to even play my most recent purchases (Several games for the Saturn and Mad Stalker for PSX).

And yes, I will also do a (JP) Cover with the PAL artworks. A true PAL Cover has already been made on the Sega Forums.