Monday, 15 December 2008

You know it's Christmas when...

Firstly, I must say how humble I am to write on this well established blog. Hopefully my contributions will give you as much pleasure reading them as I have in writing them. I'm Martin, and I also write for the Dreamcast Junkyard. Obsessed with the SEGA of old and Japan, I think I can add something to this excellent blog on the SEGA Saturn.

Even though I am writing a Ph.D thesis at the moment Neb, I think I can squeeze in a little SEGA lovin'! I am indeed a segata sanshiro セガタサンシロ follower! I actually sang his song in karaoke in 2006 in Japan... you have no idea how huge he is there. People aged between 17 and 27 know exactly whom Segata is, which is just perfect. As for reading and writing Japanese, yup - I'll do my best! I know enough to get by in the games and also enjoy quite a lot of the more intricate titles... SEGAGAGA anyone...?

You know it's well and truly Christmas when you dig out your copy of Christmas NiGHTS on the Saturn and sit in awe of the amazing graphics and playability (especially if you have the analogue controller) of the Sonic Team creation: NiGHTS. 

As has been well documented before, Christmas NiGHTS is pretty much a demo version of NiGHTS, with a Christmas theme. It uses the Saturn's internal clock (CR2032 battery dependent) to 'skin' the game. In November, it's Winter NiGHTS, April is April Fool's NiGHTS and New Year also has a skin. 

Imaginative and hasn't been seen in games since. Maybe it's because most games these days are pieces of crap you don't want to come back to year after year...

I thought I would give a teeny-tiny background on the way I game and what my main system is. As you can see on the left, I have a model 2 Saturn. I also have the original model 2 Saturn that I bought back in 1996 - untouched. This Saturn however, is heavily modded. There's a region select switch (3 way) and a 50/60hz switch. The LED is also a bright blue one which is a nice touch I think.

In time, I'll review some of the 404 games I have for the Saturn... I have 404 Backup Games, 20 PAL originals and 102 Japanese Originals... and still collecting! Looking forward to getting involved in the Saturn Junkyard - this console gave me the most heartache when I was a young lad... too expensive for Christmas... friend bought PlayStation and eventually that won... oh SEGA. Merry Christmas Sonic Team, SEGA of old, and to you all!


DEITRIX said...

That modded Saturn looks pretty sweet!!

elend said...

Haha, finally someone with the same switches, than I have. And I already thought I am the only person on earth. Very nice one.

And speaking about Segata Sanshiro.. that reminds me about my stay in Japan, when we visited the 16 Shots Bar and suddenly the Segata Sanshiro Theme came and everyone sung along with us, once we started. That was quite a nice feeling.

If you are still in Japan and maybe near Tokyo, I can only recomment the 8 Bit Café and 16 Shots Bar. They are videogame themed bars with very friendly personell and shitloads of console stuff to have a look at and actually play. They are both in Shinjuku.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Sorry for not dropping a comment sooner, but this week is killing me with exams (actually right now I should be studying for my Contemporary Portuguese Culture exam...).

Great first post, Martin. Nice to know about your systems and your games (404, lol, in the interwebs that's an error :P)(ok, I'll stop with the geeky jokes...).

Ahh, Christmas NiGHTS... I played that to death when I was a kid... Eventually I lost it when I moved to my new house. Many years later, when I played the pinball minigame in Sonic Adventure 1 that had a NiGHTS theme, I swear I almost cried with nostalgia...

Hey elend, how ya doing? This place was starting to feel a little empty without your presence dude :D

Oh, and deitrix, glad to see you here too ;)

elend said...

Hey, I am still alive, no worries. I just have shitloads of work at the moment. But I'm not stopping posting here.

マーティン said...

Thanks for all the comments guys! I'll post about once a week or so, that way I won't clog up the place with my ramblings!

I didn't and don't endorse piracy of current gaming tech - but games that are no longer made/you have copies/only in Japan - I have no beef with. Not only that, I encourage gaming all over the planet - so if games are seen as 'fit' for one country and not the other, then that gets my back up!

I love my modded Saturn - just a great machine. Cannot believe how old the damn thing is.

I have been to the 8 bit café. loved it there. We're about the same age elend :)

Got some good KoF96 action on the go last night. Great fun.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Don't feel like you have an obligation to the site, just post whenever you feel like it :)

The last game I've played on my Saturn was...let's see...Formula Karts last night. I've been playing a lot on my Saturn lately, now that both my PS2 and 360 broke down...

Hmm, I'm starting to feel like a kid here :/ Give me just 2 more months and I'll be 20 :D

fatherkrishna said...

Great first post Martin, and here's to many more! As Nebacha says, just post whenever you can, we'll await them with baited breath.

BTW, I'm a little confused... are you currently residing here in the UK or in the land of the rising sun?

マーティン said...

Hey FatherK, I will post as and when I can :)
I just needed to get it down "on paper" that Christmas NiGHTS should now be in everybody's Saturn. Unlock those presents!!

I am currently residing in Manchester - was in Japan this summer. We should meet up for gaming sessions/pints/both!