Friday, 9 January 2009

Contributions Welcome!

Hi everyone!

Many of you will have already read this, as I sent it out as an email in the early hours of this morning. But I was worried that not all of our contributors/commentors will have received it (Arugulaz?) as their blogger names were not in the emails in my address book, so I thought I'd just be safe and post a general invite here for anyone who reads this auspicious missive...

Whilst all of the retro-gaming attention in 2008/2009 seems to be focused on The Dreamcast's 10th anniversary, we may have overlooked the fact that 2009 is also the year of the Saturn's 15th anniversary, as it was first released in Japan on the 22nd Of November 1994! Over at The Saturn Junkyard, we are making next month "Saturn February". During this 'Saturnalia' period we will try to play, celebrate, flag up and unearth items of interest on all things Saturn related.

We will look at homebrew,modding and emulation, lament dire marketing campaigns and corporate subtefuge, worship at the Cult Of Segata Sanshiro, trace the arcade origins of some of the Saturn's finest games and look at it's legacy in current or last gen gaming. And if you're wondering what it's legacy might be, I would point you in the direction of such titles as Sega Rally Revo (Xbox 360), Virtua Fighter 5 (Xbox 360, PS3), Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox), Baroque and NiGHTs (Wii), Resident Evil 5 ( Xbox 360, PS3) Resident Evil (DS) and so on...

As contrbutors/commentors, video game enthusiasts, retro-lovers (or people who have somehow ended up on my mailing list), I have a small favour to ask of you... Would you be able to mail me your feelings about the console? This could take the form of a paragraph of a few thoughts, jotted down as it were, or depending on your enthusiasm, an essay of epic proportions, detailing such events as when and how you first got a Saturn, what games you loved, whether or not you own or still play one today, top 10 software titles, best peripherals or whatever you want... Blatant bigging up of the Saturn Junkyard will be rewarded by material gifts of the Saturn/Dreamcast variety.

(Now there will be some of you out there thinking, what the hell is he talking about??? The Saturn aint all that! I loved the Playstation! *cough!* That's fine! I welcome humourous rebuttals, sarcastic comments, cyber insults or your opinion - even if is that "the Saturn was the wankiest console ever sold and I wouldn't even use it to wedge my shit house door closed!" - I think it would be healthy to pepper in some negativity/constructive criticism along the way.

Any way my dears, your contributions, however big or small will be very gratefully received! Simply pop them in an email to this address: , together with any pictures, logos, web banners etc which you would like to accompany them and I'll cut and paste it into the finished article. I f you write a blog yourself, any publicity for the Saturnalia venture would be greatly appreciated and we will reciprocate with a role call of your wondrous blogs over here...

Thanks a million!

Father Krishna


gnome said...

Mail sent and meal served.

elend said...

Hey there. Already received the mail and read it, yet had no time to reply.

Great to see quite some action going on here on the Saturn junkyard. I will try to contribute a lot of stuff to this blog as well. I have some stuff in the pipeline. Gaming wise I don't have too much time, but there's other stuff as well. hehe.

Let the celebrations start! woo.