Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Countdown Continues... Goodies Galore On Their Way To Krishna Towers!

Well, while I've been getting into re-dsicovering the Saturn, I've got a little bit carried away around the regions of eBay and Play Asia. I'm so excited about telling you what these purchases entail, but I'm saving it all for Saturn February!

The only thing I would say is that you'd find all the answers to what I'd bought, if you looked at the main page of the site. The clues are there peeps, ... On the downside, I'm going to have to justify these purchases to Mrs. K, in the aftermath of Christmas excess expenditure and an ongoing credit crunch in the UK...

Before Christmas, I got £40 for an old mobile phone that I no longer used. That cheque was deposited into an account along with a dividend from some shares I have in a bank. (Don't get too excited, it's only about £40 again... I'm no venture capitalist!)

Three of the four Saturn items have a Japanese flavour... But that's as much as I'm saying.
What I can tell you is that I also bought a VGA adaptor for my Dreamcast, from the much respected and revered Racketboy... I'm going to have HD Dreamcast hooked up to my kick ass speakers! AWLRIGHT!!!

Holy cow! I just realised, I got burned the last time I ordered from Japan... it was this! Pocket Fighter by Capcom. Remember? If I recall correctly, I was gloating a tad about this purchase... Maybe it was karma? Oh well maybe pride does come before a fall. I do remember getting an email in Japanese, but obviously I didn't have a fucking clue what it said.

I've not been asked to leave feedback for any items I've not rceived, so I'm guessing I might not have been charged for it (?) Anyhoo, be prepared for news of new treasures any time now (well in the next moth)

I didn't really have much to say tonight, I just felt the need to push the pictures of the couch further down the page, after cruel jibes from Deitrix. Please can I assure you all that despite the dull and frankly shocking pictures of my couch, that my home is not a squat. Not far off, but not a real crackhouse, nevertheless.


gnome said...

You lucky, lucky father....

NebachadnezzaR said...

Can't wait to see what you got :P

Oh, and congratulations on finally taking your Dreamcast to the HD era....sort of...

I've ordered a VGA adaptor from Racketboy too and couldn't be more happy about it. Of course, the thing doesn't do miracles, so don't put your expectations too high, but it's definitely worth it.

fatherkrishna said...

Lucky indeed dear Gnome!

You won't have to wait too long dear nebacha... I still need your postal address so email it to me... I'll be most offended if I don't get it soon... ;)