Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The List Updated... Father K's Saturn Collection!


Oh my God the house looks like a squat..

Well first test run for Saturn February is completed, with console, controllers and light gun's all working fine! Memory card and batteries working well and as I plugged it in for the first time in months the right date and time came up... Marvellous! Two things REALLY annoyed me (during this otherwise glorious evening though...)

Firstly my THIRD copy of Christmas NiGHTS has gone missing! And I was going to play it today too!!!!

What the hell is that???

Secondly, my copy of Marvel vs. Capcom (PS2) has gone missing! I bought it brand new for the princely sum of £4, 'cos it was missing it's box, but I was thrilled to have it on both Dreamcast and PS2... DOH!

I nearly went berserk when I looked in my God Of War (PS2) box to see nothing there, but I managed to find the disc. Phew!

Whilst testing my consoles, controllers, peripherals and leads, I decided to photo them. I'm throwing them in to this post as I guess they represent the whole collection along with the software... But the main reason I'm lumping together is because they're so poor, showing off my worn out sofa and carpet and on one which made me laugh, my slippers! Professional eh? I should have got pics off eBay of shiny pristine artifacts displayed on spotless laminate floors, but I decided to 'keep it real... aaiii!' So enjoy!!!

Really Father!
just how BAD are these photos????


Actua Golf/ Gremlin
Alien Trilogy/ Acclaim
All Star Hockey 98/ Sega Sports
Area 51/ Midway
Athlete Kings/ Sega Sports
Blam! Machine Head
Break Point/ Ocean
Casper/ Interplay
Clockwork Knight/ Sega
Christmas NiGHTS Sampler (Some where... GRRRR!) Sega/ Sonic Team
Command and Conquer Virgin Interactive
Darklight Conflict/ Electronic Arts
Daytona USA/ Sega Sports
Die Hard Arcade/ 20th Century Fox
Exhumed/ Lobotomy Slaughterhouse Inc.
Fifa 96/ EA Sports
Fifa 98- Road To The Worl Cup/ EA Sports
Fighting Vipers/ Sega/AM2
Fighters Megamix/ Sega/AM2
Formula Karts Special Edition/ Sega Sports
Hang On GP 96/ Sega Sports
Hard Core Loaded/ Gremlin
High Octane/ Bullfrog
House Of The Dead/ Sega
Independence Day
International Victory Goal/ Sega Sports
Loaded/ Gremlin
Manx TT Superbike/ Sega Sports
Nascar 98/ Sega Sports
NBA Live 97/ EA Sports
NBA Action 98/ EA Sports
Nights Into Dreams/ Sega/Sonic Team
Pandemonium/ Crystal Dynamics
Panzer Dragoon/ Sega
Pebble Golf Links/ Sega Sports
PGA Tour 97/ EA Sports
Rayman/ Ubisoft
Resident Evil/ Capcom
Revolution X/ Acclaim
Scorcher/ Sega
Sega Ages/ Sega
Sega Manx Super Bike TT/ Sega Sports
Sega Rally Championship 1995/ Sega Sports
Sega Touring Cars/ Sega Sports
Sega Worldwide Soccer 97/ Sega Sports
Sega Worldwide Soccer 98/ Sega Sports
Soviet Strike/Electronic Arts
Space Jam/ Acclaim
Steep Slope Sliders/ crystal Dynamics
Street Fighter Alpha 2/ Capcom
Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dream/ Capcom
Sreet Racer/ Ubisoft
The Horde/ Crystal Dynamics
The House Of The Dead/ Sega
The Incredible Hulk: Pantheon Saga/ Eidos
The Mansion Of Hidden Souls/ Sega
Titan Wars/ Crystal Dynamics
Tomb Raider/ Core/Eidos
Virtua Cop/ Sega/Am2
Virtua Cop 2/ Sega/AM2
Virtua Fighter/ Sega/AM2
Virtua Fighter 2/ Sega/AM2
Virtual Hydlide/ Sega
Virtua Racing/ Time-Warner Interactive
White Heat - Sega
Wipeout/ Psygnosis
World Cup Golf US/ Arc Developments
World Series Baseball/ Sega Sports
X Men: Children Of The Atom/ Akklaim

Yes those really are my slippers, with my festering feet actually inside. Note the 'capturing' of half an image of the shitty not working memory card to the left of the not working 'third party fancy pants' PSX/Saturn peripheral, that looks a little too much like a real gun... Photo journalism at it's best!

Japanese Import

Burning Rangers: Special Edition (Bonus Audio Mini-CD: 1. Burning Rangers Theme, 2. We Are Burning Rangers 3. I Just Smile
Dead Or Alive/ Tecmo
Nights Into Dreams/ Sega/Sonic Team
Segata Sanshirou Shinken Yuugi/ Sega
Virtua Fighter Kids/ Sega/AM2
Virtua Fighter Remix/ Sega/AM2


マーティン said...

Want to borrow my Christmas NiGHTS? I have JP for sure and pretty sure about PAL somewhere.

fatherkrishna said...

That's an extremely generous offer
マーティン, but in a fit of compulsive buying and Saturn enthusiasm I went mad on eBay last night and procured the Japanese version!

I had the Pal version previously (given away with Sega Saturn Magazine), it just irked me that after taking such time to order and catalog my collection, that particular title went missing!

I'm actually going to have to show some self-discipline now in NOT playing the Saturn compulsively or I'll blow the timing of the planned February 32 bit celbrations.

you can do me a favur though if you'd like... drop me an email a revsimonearly@aol.com and we can find out how closely located we are in Manchester. It could be advantageous to us both in terms of sharing software.

That's up to you though, I wouldn't be offended if you want to keep an air of mystery!!

NebachadnezzaR said...

A quite impressive collection, I must say! Congratulations, Father! :)

Sucks about your Christmas NiGHTS, though. I know what that's like, I lost mine too...

Oh, and didn't you have an action replay cart? You lost it too? Or am I dreaming? :/

DEITRIX said...

Beautiful Couch..!!

fatherkrishna said...

Hi D! glad you liked the couch. My son's have spent many years spilling things on it and climbing all over it to give it that sort of "lived in" look.

Like all the furniture in my house, it's in need of replacing. As an artist, maybe you could see it as an "installation" rather like the Turner Prize Winning, Tracy Emmin's "Bed".

LOL! Cheers mate!

FK ;)

Lisa said...
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The GagaMan(n) said...

I had one of those memory cards years ago and it didn't work at all for me either, I got it the same time I got the ST-Key, which does work.

DEITRIX said...

Best seats in the house I'd say!