Saturday, 31 January 2009

Saturnalia Has Arrived!!!

Well hello my dear brothers and sisters, and welcome to a month of Saturn related goodness! You remember the premise of 'Saturnalia' - a month long festival celebrating all things Saturn, to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own homes - or in my case, paraded through the streets stark naked with only a Saturn controller to protect my modesty. (N.B. Its the Saturn controller featured in the photo below, it was the only one big enough... LOL!)

"But Father!" I hear you cry, "February is not till tomorrow you silly old twat!"... To which I reply, that very much depends in which time zone you live... OK, that's bollocks, the reason I'm kicking things off today is because I'm currently on day release from the Manchester Royal Infirmary, where they are investigating a mystery illness. One of the biggest mysteries is the fact that I don't actually feel that ill, but my ticker is beating at 118 BPM (instead of the usual 50-100) and I've got fluid on my lungs... But hey! Enough of that bullshit, I'm hoping to be set free this week to return full time to Krishna Towers and more importantly to my recent Saturn haul (about which more later...)

But for now, let the festivities commence, let the fanfares begin and let's hear from some of our illustrious commentors and contributors, about why they love the Saturn so much! Enjoy!!! :)


マーティン said...

Get well soon! You promised your Saturn some dedication, and dedication it shall receive! Plus, we need to go for that pint :)

I've go some nice ideas for saturnalia, and hopefully some good posts. Going to get busy here this month! Can't wait.

Best wishes!

fatherkrishna said...

Cheers Martin!

Don't know when I'll be ready for a pint, but I'm bored shitless on ward AM3 of the MRI if you want to pop in and say hello!

マーティン said...

Currently in York for the weekend, but could find time this week if you email me your name, so I don't walk in and say: "I'm here to see Father Krishna, of Krishna towers", only to end up being sectioned.

Anonymous said...

I never played the Saturn, now I feel as if I missed out! I'll be checking back later for more Saturn stuff.

I hope you get better soon, FK.


fatherkrishna said...

Cheers GC!

NebachadnezzaR said...

Sorry I'm late! Now, let the festivities begin! :D