Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Some of the games...

As time wears on, Saturnalia approaches, I am getting things ready. I hearby pledge that Saturnalia will comprise of at least 95% Saturn gaming in that month. I'll be keeping a log of my daily gaming, and will update the blog as necessary.

It's been many years since the Saturn was my main console. Roughly a decade in fact. The little blighter still works, too. I love the way it's almost completely silent (Dreamcast, XBOX 360; I'm looking at you!), and looks pretty hard. Hard as in "I'll kick your fucking teeth in" hard. I now have a lovely modded Saturn to lighten the load from my original '96 PAL unit.

What I didn't want to do, was to go back and replay all the games I used to play back in the nineties. Whilst I want to give some classics such as NiGHTS and SEGA Rally Championship some airtime, I won't be focussing on my PAL younger years... as I have a Japanese gaming collection that's been steadily growing, yet I have hardly played a single game from it...

One of the early contenders is Policenauts. 

This box contains the game (2 discs) and also a lovely booklet containing some amazing artwork.

Another game I need to play is Marvel Super Heroes vs StreetFighter. I have the 4MB RAM cartridge, so I am all good to go (it's included in this boxset).

This is a horse racing game/simulation. No idea how to play or what playing involves, but I will stick in in and give it a try. That technique has worked before!

Eve: The Lost One. Again, no real idea of what this game is going to be like, but that's the point really.

Ah, Burning Rangers. PAL version fetches quite a price... never played it. Couldn't afford it back then; can't be bothered with buying it now for £100. Would rather have this nicely presented Japanese edition with Music CD in the back! Result!

Well, that's it for now. The aim is simple. Play Saturn as much as possible in February. There's a chance I will be videoing some of my gameplay... no promises though. It is certain that I will be taking lots of sexy Saturn photographs though, and will review the odd game as it comes along. I have donpatchi and radiant silvergun head-to-head, and a few other ideas. Stay tuned.


Caleb said...

Policenauts always looked so interesting!

I am sad that an English translation never took place.

Aw well. I never finished Snatcher anyways. I need to finish that game.

elend said...

Yeah, I would love to play a translated Snatcher. ;(

gnome said...

Yes, yes, Policenauts... It's bound to be brilliant... And I think a fan made translation is just around the corner.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Policenauts looks awesome! But shouldn't you play Snatcher first? Or its it irrelevant in this case?

Anyway, nice collection. I also want to play some new stuff on Saturnalia :)

The Plushiest said...

Seeing the box for Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter makes me jealous. I have the import version of Marvel vs. Capcom for my DC, which is arguably a better game, but my fondest memories are with Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter. I'm trying to track down a copy myself, but right now I'm limited to playing it on MAME.....just not the same.