Monday, 16 February 2009

Cool Gaming Intro: Last Bronx (by J)

A short intro, but a sweet one. This was way more than I expected from Sega at the time, and a step up from the badly rendered intro's that Fighting vipers and Fighters megamix got.

And how about that theme song?! It stinks of early 90's swing, along with the ever so slightly musk of cheese. But you gotta love it. I used to bounce to it back in 1997 and I still do now. Everytime I hear the song it makes me wanna put on a body warmer, some baggy jeans and do the running man until my carpet wears out.


fatherkrishna said...

*Father K joins J in the running man dance, then slopes off to sit in chair whilst panting and reaching for oxygen mask...*

The Plushiest said...

I'd much rather see good animated intros & cutscenes like this instead of the shitty CGI FMVs of the mid 90's. Although....I do remember thinking that some of those FMVs wowed me when I first saw them. They just look so cheesy these days.