Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Games you need in your import collection pt1

I thought it might be useful to collate some of my import collection for those of you new to the scene. It's easy enough to get games in your own territory, but people often rave about Japanese games circa 1990-2000. 

The thing is, a lot of these games are now overhyped or just plain old expensive. Let's hit on a few that are great games, but won't break the bank. Welcome to part 1 of my import special.

Saturn Bomberman Fight!

Oh yes. It's Bomberman! What a cainer. Blow the crap out of your opponents. The best part? Having a sleep over? No problem. With a multi-tap or two, you can have up to 10 players. 10 players. Most teenagers these days don't have that many physical friends*. Anyway, this is a great game. You all know bomberman and this is one of the best. Get it!

Layer Section

This is an often overlooked shooter. Everyone raves about Radiant Silvergun. It's often sold for over £100. Sod that. Don't bother unless you are a collector - which you would have to be to pay that for it. It's a good shooter, but overratted. Layer section is pretty old school but feels really tight and can be found cheaply.

Panzer Dragoon

Yes, this can be found PAL for cheap cheap cheap, but... look at the artwork on the Japanese game. Worth the price of an import Saturn if you ask me. Which you aren't, but I am telling you anyway. Gorgeous.

Great game too!

This concludes the round up of the games you should own on your import Saturn. Part 1. Stay tuned!

*complete guess and probably quite offensive. If you're a teen, write in to let us know.


Scott said...

I know Layer Section is known as Galactic Attack over here in the US. I'm a big fan of that game as I've stayed up late many a night trying to make it through since you can't save your progress.

Anyway, I noticed that Layer Section actually does run cheaper on eBay than Galactic Attack. Anyone have any idea why this is? I'm just curious.

The Plushiest said...

Bomberman Fight...I'm gonna pick that up soon...I can't wait. Right now I'm playing Bomberman on-line for the DC.

Tomleecee said...

I don't have 10 physical friends. Sniff.

Caleb said...

Layer selection/ Galactic Attack is fun.

I love the double layer game mechanic and the enemy design is great.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Bomberman Fight supports 10 players too? I thought only the regular Saturn Bomberman did that. That's great!

Layer Section is one of the few shmups missing from my collection. I don't know which version to pick up. Is the Jap version superior to the others in any way (other than maybe price)?

Oh, and nice idea for an article. I might do one of these too! :D

Mike Sieber said...

Great games, for sure. I just picked up the import Panzer Dragoon for $1 US. Yaay!

Arturo said...

Great site. Just picked up Parodius Deluxe Pack in honor of Saturnalia. Saturn lives!