Friday, 13 February 2009

IGN mentions how awesome the Saturn is.

Well it looks like IGN is getting into Saturnalia as well.

Check out #6 in the Wednesday 10: Smug Hardcore Gamer Quotes.

""I suppose I can see why you believe the PlayStation is a better machine than the Saturn, just as I can see why some people prefer 'Annie Hall' over 'Manhattan.' They've been told to. But the Saturn outpaces the PlayStation's 2D capabilities, which allowed developers not intoxicated by Sony's marketing to craft real games for, well, real gamers. Have you experienced the Japan-only Vampire Savior that required the RAM cartridge? All the evidence you need is in the animation for Morrigan's Darkness Illusion Flattener. Actually, I would go so far as to say hardcore gaming died with the Saturn." Levi Buchanan IGN

Of course this quote can be taken in the context that IGN is poking a little fun at us hardcore Sega Saturn fans...

...but come on the Saturn's 2D performance is so excellent that can't possibly be the case! Any gamer worth his or her salt knows that. This obviously a direct nod to how wonderful the Sega Saturn is hidden in an article making fun of other people's pretentious gaming views.

I mean come on, real gamers know how cool the Saturn is right?

The month of Saturn marches on!


elend said...

I don't think they meant it ironically. Most gamers these days know, that the Saturn would have been able to push quite some impressive games, after all. Nice to read anyway..

マーティン said...

This is the truth, to be honest. 3D brought in a whole bunch of people that thought "wow" because the games looked more 'real'.

I still think and will do until I die, that Sonic 4 should have been made on the Sega Saturn, in 2D glory. It should have been the size of Sonic 3 & Knuckles but with identical physics. They could habe boosted the appearance a little - sure, but it would have sold well.

All this Sonic X-treme crap tore apart SEGA and only Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are worth looking at if you want to experience Sonic in 3D - and they're far from perfect!

The Plushiest said...

Yeah, the Saturn was around during gaming's awkward days. But look at what Saturn and Dreamcast did...they were essentially the stepping stone into the 32 and 128 bit gaming eras. I agree that the Saturn would have fared better had Sega just stuck to the basics.

NebachadnezzaR said...

They can't make fun of it without thelling the truth :)

CptFishStick said...

You can't be sarcastic without love!

fatherkrishna said...

They meant every word of it! IGN knows the Saturn rocks!