Monday, 16 February 2009

J Speaks... We All Listen!

The next few articles, printed in customary maroon (the colour of quotation here at the SJY) will be published under my name, but are in fact authored by the one and only J (who most recently got a mention here...)

Despite his tender years, J is an authority on all things gaming, and very knowledgeable about Japanese pop culture too... He's been a long time fan of the Saturn, and regularly, (if not often,) gives it the props it deserves over at his most excellent blog: the minimalist-ly titled, RandomJBlog!

So if you've never been there make sure you do, right now! That's an order! You'll find some excellent commentary on contemporary gaming, music, his recent trip to Japan and the quirky stuff life throws at you from time to time, all written about with a wicked sense of humour!

J, we at the Saturn Junkyard salute you!


Random J said...

*wipes tear from eye*

fatherkrishna said...

A much deserved tribute my friend!