Friday, 6 February 2009

More periphernalia

The pads were one thing with the Saturn. Mark I controller actually came after the Mark II, because the Mark I was USA and European only. It's amazing Microsoft ignored this customer feedback when they released their original xbox, with an ENORMOUS pad. Then, since when did Micro$oft ever listen to anyone? :)

The arcade racer:

I loved mine. I still love it. It's great for SEGA Rally. It's a shame there's no feedback on the wheel (remember which year this was though), but a high tension string could have done a great job or pseudo-feedback. Hey-ho. It's a damn good wheel in my opinion. I'll let you fight it out in the comments.

Then we have the arcade stick. Not bad at all. Nothing on the Dreamcast arcade controller if you ask me, but it still does the job. I got this for $10 inc shipping from Japan.

Work it in my opinion. X-Men vs. Streetfighter is great on this. So is Radiant Silvergun.


The GagaMan(n) said...

I hate to say it, but I owned both of these and was pretty disappointed with them. The racing controller didn't feel natural to me at all and the lack of actual pedals is a shame (instead you get those odd trigger button things that are too clicky). I didn't particularly like the Dreamcast one for the same reason so it could be just me.

Now sure if the Japanese version of that stick is any different but the uk one I have doesn't feel all to good to me either, far too...I dunno, soft? The stick doesn't even click when moving and it doesn't even feel like it's connected to anything, just floating about in the plastic. I have another stick by Hori which is miles ahead of it.

マーティン said...

I have a far superior wheel at home with the parents. It has pedals and was fantastic. At least this wheel made daytona feel fantastic back in the day.

My arcade stick controller feels ok, clicks a bit. The dreamcast one is so far ahead though.

Blog still broken!

elend said...

Are you planning on also reviewing japanese peripherals? The japanese arcade stick is - of course - much better. Not to think of the enormous 2 player Astro City panel arcade stick. Oah!

fatherkrishna said...

Ah the steering wheel! don't use mine much, but it was worth the purchase for this little post...

Nice peripherals!

NebachadnezzaR said...

I have an european black arcade stick and I gotta say, I love the thing. The extra precision in control can really make a difference in shmups

The Plushiest said...

always wanted the racing wheel, but over time just got used to tapping left and right A LOT. Even to this day I still prefer using digital controls in some racers (Ridge Racer PSP). All of the Saturn Racers (at least those produced by Sega AM2)seemed to lend themselves very well to the digital pad.