Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Let's Go Away!

In 2009 the Sega Saturn is celebrating its 15th birthday and it is indeed a good year for our beloved Saturn. As some sort of a birthday present, Sega is releasing a 4 CD Set of one of the greatest soundtrack to ever grace mankind's ears - Daytona USA. It will feature the music from the games Daytona USA, Daytona USA 2 and Daytona 2001 not only as the arcade versions, but also the great Sega Saturn and PC versions. Also expect some smashing remixes! The release date is the 9th of April 2009! Be sure to make a note in your calendar and order it in the official Sega Direct store (or shortly afterwards on ebay probably).


The Plushiest said... my April fools was going to be that I ordered Panzer Dragoon from Ebay, but they actually sent me Panzer Dragoon Saga. Having a Daytona USA soundtrack box set would be rad too.......we can only dream.

elend said...

Oh! Did I mention, that it's not an april's fool joke?! The item is still listed in the Sega Direect Store after all.

gnome said...


Brandon said...

I got this last month and it's so nice having all the songs from the games in one collection. Takenobu Mitsuyoshi really is the man.

The first track of the collection is Take playing "Let's Go Away" on piano complete with him doing the lyrics (instead of that other dude from the B-UNIV CD). This made me really happy since I love the video of him on Youtube playing it with that drummer guy.

The only other track worth mentioning that I had never heard before and maybe recorded specially for this set is an "unplugged" version of Pounding Pavement that's really nice. I really gotta upload some of this stuff that's sorely missing from Youtube.

The arranged tracks from B-UNIV are missing from the collection, sadly, but I understand why they aren't on there. They weren't in any of the actual games and that's what the CD is-- music from the games and anything else is just extra. So... I had to buy B-UNIV too in order to have my precious lyric'd versions of Pounding Pavement and Sky High :P