Wednesday, 23 September 2009

SJY CONTEST - Win Free Stuff!

As many of you may not know, I kicked off a SJY Contest in my second NiGHTS into Comics article. Since the amazing NebachadnezzaR was the only person to participate, I thought I'd throw the contest at you all again in a attempt to gain more entries. You don't want NebachadnezzaR to win, do you?!

The contest will take place in the comments section of this article and will require those who comment to answer this question:

Were you to enter an Ideya Palace and fuse with NiGHTS, what would be the first thing you do?

One answer per Blogger and only those with an account may enter. So those posting anonymously, sign-up for an account to submit an answer. The best answer will be selected by Miss Universe 2009! In the event that she cannot be reached, I will choose it. Here's a hint for potential winners: don't say "I'd fly about", be more creative.The winner will be announced in Part 3 of my article series.

Wait! but what will you be winning? Why the "1st High Flying Issue" of NiGHTS into Dreams! The comic is in pretty great condition, and it's free so don't complain about it not being mint. I might even include some mystery items if I feel like it. This contest is open to all regions and members of the SJY team. If it turns out the winner is in some godforsaken part of the world where shipping costs are insane, we'll talk.

I am ALSO throwing in two more items, making it a prize package. The winner will also receive the 2009 Free Comic Book Day issue of Sonic the Hedgehog from Archie Comics AND The Observatory from Panta of The Observatory is a unique album from I Have Read Other Books Besides Catcher In The Rye (performers of To Beat, From Gum on the Dreamcast EP). The album is packed in a very unique secret government file package, complete with secret documents and maps. Cool stuff!

Enter now! Oh, and you can see a larger version of my drawing of a pissed off NiGHTS here.


fatherkrishna said...

I would fly over to Japan to romantically seek out Segata Sanshiro, the other iconic face of Saturn. I'd then fly into Sega's main office and kidnap the CE0 for allowing the crappy Wii version to sully my good name...

Finally I'd fly over to Thailand and play out m final years as a lady-boy, exploring the vaguely confusing blend of gender bestowed on me at birth. *cough!* Do I win a prize?

P.S. Top pic!

The Plushiest said...

I'd like, fly around and try to collect orbs and shit....oh fuck I wasn't supposed to say that was I? Ok, well in that case, I'd like fly around and try to collect orbs and shit.......ahhhh,for fuck sakes!

NebachadnezzaR said...

"You don't want NebachadnezzaR to win, do you?!"

*sheds a tear*

I do... :(

BTW, is my entry still valid? My answer stays the same:

"I'd fly about. With Sonic in my arms. Held tightly, his soft fur against my naked chest...ok, this is starting to sound yiffing creepy..."

Notice the subtle reference to the furry sub-culture...Ok, it's kinda pointless now, as Father apparently gave the best possible answer...

BTW, nice drawing

Barry the Nomad said...

Thanks Neb! Yes, your answer is still valid.

Btw, brown-nosing DOES help your chances of winning. So feel free to sprinkle in nice words about me.

Patrick said...

Try unlock Sonic in Christmas Nights for what must be the billionth time.

Seriously why was that so hard >_>

mastamuzz said...

I would fly directly to the nearest gun shop and equip myself commando style, assault the mushroom kingdom the COD way to make sure the fatso wont get another sequel, that will at least be another game named "plumber Night-mares" oh but the first thing will be to see where does the glitter comes from when I fly (hopefully not from the ass)