Thursday, 12 November 2009

Finally Doing It!

Maybe every one at the Junkyard has been wondering.....where has the plushiest been? Well, I've been a busy boy all summer and fall. I finally have some time to get back into gaming, and even do a few posts. I've been playing a few awesome games lately (Uncharted 2, Muramasa (the same devlopers as Princess Crown), and Bioshock), but I'm finally on to Panzer Dragoon Saga....yes, the real deal US copy that I picked up back in the spring time.

I didn't want to start on this game until I was good and ready, but I think I finally am. I've only spent a few hours with PDS, but so far I can say that it is great. I haven't every really played a whole lot of RPGs, and I think this is why PDS appeals to me so much....they game and battle mechanics are right up my alley. Everything is very straight forward, and I really like how there is are still real-time elements to the fight sequences. I will do a real review of the game once I'm finished, but here are some initial thoughts:

1. Game play: very original. Makes great use of the classic panzer dragoon game style, and blends some very interesting RPG elements. I love how you can freely fly around, and the dynamic battles are very cool.

2. Music: So far it's really good. Was there a separate original score album released for this game?

3. Graphics: Definitely some, if not the best on the Saturn. One of the few Saturn games that could easily compare to PS1 titles. Albeit a very small detail, there are sections in the game where you fly over water, and can actually see and interact with fish swimming around. Sounds pretty funny to say that something as simple as that appeals to me...but I can't think of any other 3D Saturn game (maybe Tomb Raider, Nights, or Resident Evil) with as much graphical detail. Obviously transparency effects are working on this game, how come people always say the Saturn couldn't do this?

On another note, does any one remember Radmobile? The game made famous by Brendan Fraser This was released under the title "Gale Racer" on the Japanese Saturn in '94. Saw it on Ebay for about $3.00, and thought about picking it up. It's like a slightly more updated version of the classic Outrun style game play!


The Plushiest said...

By the way NebachadnezzaR has already done a great few posts on this game...but maybe I can add my 2 cents as well. So don't get your shorts in a bunch because I'm going to take a look at this title as well.

Barry the Nomad said...

I'd love to see some gameplay footage of you experiencing PDS. That would be a nice change of pace for PDS articles.

I know Gale Racer as that game featuring Sonic rear view mirror ornaments. Your right, its insanely cheap on ebay and worth it!

Photoboy said...

I've got Gale Racer, it's probably worth picking up for $3, but it's not a very good port at all. Being all about scaling 2D sprites you'd expect this to be right up the Saturn's alley but the draw distance is terrible and the frame rate is poor as well. Steering is also quite slow making the draw distance problem more acute. I don't know what went wrong, I guess they gave it to a bunch of chimps to code!

Enjoy playing PDS, it's absolutely fantastic. It's a pity more RPGs can't emulate the brilliance of the battle system in PDS.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Go ahead, plushiest, every opinion about this game is welcome (although they usually can always be resumed to "it's fucking awesome!!!111oneoneone :D)

I'd love to see some Saturn Junkyard exclusive gameplay videos. I couldn't make any because I have no way of capturing the video from my saturn :(

Ujn Hunter said...

Sweet. Someday I'll get to play that game. :) Until then I'll live vicariously thru posts about it.

RedTail said...

Photoboy's correct. Gale Racer is an extremely poor port of a wonderful arcade game. Aside from the poor draw distance and unresponsive controls that were already mentioned, the game's original score has been replaced with some pretty generic, boring music and the police chases have been altered. Remember how when you got caught, the fat cop would stroll out and smash the hood of your car with his fist? Doesn't happen anymore. The police are totally harmless.

Barry the Nomad said...

I just bought Panzer Dragoon 1&2 on Racketboy! Wahoo! Complete with case in great condition :D