Tuesday, 23 November 2010

It has been too long. CGR looks at DOA!

This blog needs a fresh post! Well thankfully Classic Game Room took a look at Dead or Alive on the Saturn. Check out the review and boobies below:

In the comments section, tell me what your favorite Saturn 3D fighter is and why. Mine would have to be Fighters Megamix. Why? Hornet versus Akira.


Eyz said...

I loved the original stupid yet fun DOA on the Saturn^^
I've lots of fond memoires of it~

As much as I love Fighter Megamix, Virtua Fighter or Fighting Vipers..my heart goes to Last Bronx!
Best 32-bits era fighter!
And also the very first to introduce weapons! (not Soul Edge, LAST BRONX!!)
It was fun, fast-paced and pretty rich once you get into it :D

The Plushiest said...

I'm still a big fan of Virtua Fighter 2. The game play is so tight, and balanced. After that it would have to be fighting vipers......I still love the triple take you get when bustin' some one's armor off.

elend said...

Dead Or Alive 1 was actually really great, especially on the Saturn, imho. One of the Saturn's best fighters for sure. Too bad it slowly, but surely drifted into pr0ngame.