Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Happy 16th Birthday SEGA Saturn!

16 years ago today the beloved SEGA Saturn hit US stores following the announcement by SEGA of America President Tom Kalinske at E3 that the Saturn was now available in select retailers. While this move was one of SEGA's biggest mistakes ever, we'll not get into that. Instead, we'll celebrate the day as being the day the Saturn entered American homes!

To celebrate this event, SEGA Network partner SEGAbits is spending the entire month (and the week of June leading up to E3) to talk about all things Saturn! Expect to see Saturn-centric weekly features, reviews, videos, podcasts and more. I even plan on featuring some classic Saturn Junkyard articles. Sounds like fun, eh? Check out the Saturn theme I helped apply to SEGAbits:

Expect to see some exciting articles here at the Saturn Junkyard as well! It's a month you won't want to miss.


fatherkrishna said...

Sterling work as usual dear barry! May I remind our readers that it is the multi-talented Barry that keeps both the Saturn and Dreamcast Junkyard ticking over with fresh and original content whilst, their respective creators take extended sabbaticals!

If you ever want to give the old s.j.y a facelift, feel free dear heart!

I also need to inform our readers that the ever excellent games tm magazine has a whole five, (yes five, count 'em!) pages devoted to the excellent guardian heroes, which our own guardian hero (Barry) reminded us will re-emerge on xbox live soon! With the Sega love being channeled by Sumo DIgital and others at the moment, it's not a bad time for Saturn and Dreamcast fans in the second decade of the new millennium.

With what barry has planned thrown into the mix for the
Saturn 16th anniversary, there,s every reason to stick around here at the junkyard!

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