Tuesday, 5 July 2011

NiGHTS Turns 15!

Fifteen years ago, our favorite purple flying dream jester hit the SEGA Saturn. I could go on and on about how great a game NiGHTS was and is, but chances are that if you follow The Saturn Junkyard you already know this. It was the defining game of the console and perhaps is the first game that comes to mind when somebody says "SEGA Saturn". I still associate the 3D Controller with NiGHTS. I still wonder what the Saturn sequel Air NiGHTS would have been like. And I still am dissapointed that Journey into Dreams did not live up to the original.

Love NiGHTS? Why not boot up the ol' Saturn and give it a playthrough today. Want SEGA to rerelease NiGHTS? Visit NiD15 and show your support!

Again, happy anniversary NiGHTS!

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St. McDuck said...

It still never feels like Christmas until I boot up Christmas Nights.