Thursday, 26 July 2012

Classic Game Room reviews Daytona USA:CCE

Whether you like his unique approach to game reviews or not, you got to give it to this guy to always show Sega some love, specially the Dreamcast and Saturn. I mean, nowadays what other game show will do a review for a game from 1996? This time it's Daytona USA, not the original release but the improved Championship Circuit Edition. I don't I have this one, only the regular Daytona. Seems like I'll have to track it down, cause it looks really good.

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Gareth said...

The Japanese version is the one to get.

Both the EU and US versions have strange car handling that makes it feel like the cars are on rails when going round corners, but the JAP version features handling more in line with the original Daytona, paired with the graphics from the CCE version.

The JAP version also lets you race at sunset and at night, as shown in this video.