Saturday, 30 September 2017

Sega Saturn Saucepot Of The Month... September 2017

Now I did say to myself that in terms of Saturn blogging, this time around, that I was going to stay on-topic. When I look back at former posts from years ago, I realise that a lot of them were penned whilst I was somewhat inebriated. I'd wander off topic, try in vain to be witty, erudite, current or controversial. On several occasions, I'd just recourse to squeezing in a picture of some tenuously linked, scantily clad, cos-play babe or software promotion glamour model, when my creative juices had begun to dry up and my article or review had just begun to fizzle out like a damp squib...

So I was slightly dubious about including this feature. As of September 2017, as the onomatopoeic title suggests, we'll be bringing you a piece of Saturn related eye candy for you to drool over on a monthly basis. As we're nearly into October, it will allow me to knock off two cheap posts in rapid succession over the next few days. Whilst the Dreamcast Junkyard can promise both quantity and quality, the Saturn Junkyard can only hope to aspire to the former...

It being 2017, we'll attempt to ensure that all genders, sexualities and tastes are catered for.
There will be both male, female and occasional gender neutral pin ups, but nothing so saucy that it would cause you to feel awkward in front of your parents.

So, to launch this particular feature, we present the lovely Janet from Virtua Cop. According to the VCPD website, Janet Marshall (28) is a "newly installed special VCPD detective in the Virtua Cop special investigations squad (although the only female cop in the squad), Janet fights for her deceased partner". In her spare time, Janet is known to race Hornet supercars against professional drivers, at her local 'dinosaur themed' race track, where she once gave the unwittingly sexist starting announcer a good 'ear bashing', for only telling the gentlemen to "start (their) engines!" Janet also likes to keep fit by practising mixed martial arts against many different local combatants, and even claims to have once taken on her own racing car in a particularly taxing bout, although we wonder if the feisty rookie cop may have been pulling our leg! Janet also finds time to support a charity called 'Virtua Fighter Kids' that works with unfortunate children suffering from brain edema (or intracranial pressure, caused by a swelling of the head) resulting from being introduced into the  competitive world of mixed martial arts too early... She's obviously a 'virtua' cop with 'real' heart? However, one thing we can all agree on is that we wouldn't mind Janet taking down our particulars, as part of a VCPD investigation or otherwise!

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