Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Ys - Falcom Classics Review

We're doing reviews on video now.

Feels gangsta being so hi-tech and all.

Anyway! It's our first foray into this uncharted territory, so feedback would be much appreciated.

Speaking of the game, Falcom Classics is a compilation disc released in 1997 exclusively in Japan, featuring reworked versions of three of their classic games: Dragon Slayer, Xanadu and, of course, Ys. I'm talking specifically about this game only because, not being fluent in nihongo [although I did once memorise the entire hiragana syllabary, which can come in handy when confronted with simple choices like はい (yes) and いいえ (no) - and little else], the best I can do is replay a game that I've played so many times already, in so many different systems, by now I could do it blindfolded. Almost. Tried my hand at Dragon Slayer and...yeah, I couldn't get very far.

I touched upon the most important aspects of this port in the video, from the basics of the gameplay, to the beautifully arranged soundtrack, to the graphics and various gameplay enhancements, so there's not really much more to say.

The story is cool, if a bit incomplete since it only comes to a conclusion in the sequel.

Just go watch it!

And play the game, it's really, really good!

Expect more reviews from the team soon ™.

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