Wednesday, 17 January 2018

In the Inaugural Junk Club, We are All Burning Rangers!

It's like a book club but with fewer white whales and more futuristic firefighters*! Over the next couple of weeks, keep an eye out for various threads around the Junkyard Facebook community where members will be asked a series of questions and share their memories, experiences, and perspectives surrounding Sega and Sonic Team's late Saturn classic, Burning Rangers! Whether you're a longtime fan (or critic), have just recently discovered it, or plan on burning and playing it soon, you're welcome to participate! All you have to to do is join our Facebook group if you haven't already.

Along the way, we may drop some Burning Rangers-related content, including videos on the SJY YouTube channel and -- later on -- maybe even an episode of the TitanCast where we'll share some members' musings about the game from our Junk Club threads.

* Though for Simon, maybe level 3 of Burning Rangers is his Moby Dick.
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1 comment:

Father K said...

Its is my Moby Dick... After many attempts I keep dying at the final boss on Mission 4... It's certainly impacting on my overall impression of the game...