Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Microsoft's Got that Saturn Lovin' Feeling...

Damn it, Google! I don't mean an impound lot full of scrapped compact cars!

Anyway. I'm in Arizona now, separated from my Sega Saturn, which is languishing in a storage shed thousands of miles away. Fortunately, Microsoft's got the methadone for my acute withdrawal, offering nearly a half-dozen Saturn favorites (or rather, their arcade counterparts) for chump change. How does Fighting Vipers for $1.24 grab you? Or perhaps the more substantial Virtua Fighter 2 for $2.49 would be more your cup of tea. There's also Daytona USA for $4.99, and Virtual On (actually Oratorio Tangram, the Dreamcast sequel) for $7.49. You'll find more information about this week long sale over at the Major Nelson web site. Note that these games can be played on either the Xbox One or its predecessor, the Xbox 360. Also note that you'll need a subscription to Xbox Live Gold to get in on these deals. Note that I've said "note" a lot already, and it's getting annoying.

By the way, the Sega Saturn avatar T-shirt that I mentioned in a post years and years ago is still available for just a dollar. You can show your love for Sega's long defunct game console by dressing a rough digital approximation of yourself in Saturn merchandise!

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Lawrence Jones Jr said...

In a way the whole Xbox model is the spiritual successor to the Dreamcast. Microsoft having these games available in the store is a great idea, and for little & next to nothing. Fighting Vipers & VF2 have aged but they are still great pre-internet fighting games. Virtual On for me was awkward title in the 90s and I grew to live it. Daytona USA is just fun. For all those whose are a bit curious to what the Saturn buzz is about these games are great entry points. 👍